About Us

Alexander's Jewelers

Alexander's Jewelers has been in business since the mid-80's. Starting in Topeka, Kansas and now ending up in Gilbert, AZ. We are appointment only with no public store front. We pride ourselves on our high-quality gemstone cutting and carving, as well as our high-end custom jewelry. We love to do everything from mine the gemstones, to cut the gemstone, and we even love to set them into exquisite pieces of jewelry. We are mine to market. Since we have been in the industry so long we have had the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about jewelry and gemstone cutting. We are highly respected in the industry and we provide top quality work to everyone around the world.


We make custom jewelry for clients around the entire world. We have had the privilege of winning many awards for our jewelry design and execution. We have placed in the American Pearl Design Competition for our use of pearls, the AGTA Spectrum Awards for our wonderful uses of colored gemstones, and much more. We think outside of the box and bring our ideas to life using all our well mastered techniques.

If you are interested in getting a custom piece of your own and see a stone that you like, please see our Customs page for more details.

Gemstone Cutting

Alexander's Jewelers also has been able to place in a few awards for our gemstone cutting as well. We love organic nature, the wonderful flow and beauty of the outside world. Our designs are heavily influenced by nature and we work to imitate this beauty in a lot of our work. 

We mine some of our own gemstones ourselves. We have some great relationships with mine owners around the United States who allow us to mine on their claims. We then have the chance to cut this material and turn it into something beautiful. Our other materials are sourced from reliable connections we have made over the years. We source materials from all places over the earth, some of them being Brazil, Africa, the United States, Russia, and Asia. We make sure all of our stones were ethically mined and of course they were all cut by us.

We are happy to take in rough from clients and cut it for them. If you have rough of your own and would like for us to cut it please check out our Customs Page.