How to Get a Custom Piece

Custom Gemstone Cutting

We are always happy to cut custom pieces. If you have a particular design or cut that you need done please contact us. We can cut any material in any size! We can either source the material for you, which we have loads of rough on hand, or you can provide us the piece of rough.

If you have rough that you would like to have cut please contact us first. We will give you an estimate on how much it will cost and then we will also provide the address to send your rough to. 

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Custom Jewelry

Having a custom piece of jewelry built can be one of the most fun things anyone can do! It is truly an amazing experience to watch the process of making a custom. There are always different circumstances when it comes to a custom piece of jewelry because every piece is different! We are happy to work with whatever your situation is.

Do you have old rings you don't wear anymore? Send us them and we can either repurpose them or give you credit towards your next custom piece.

Do you have a design of your own that you would like to use? Send us your drawings or talk to us on the phone and we can make your design come to life!

Do you see a stone on our website that you would like to do a piece with? Contact us about which stone you are interested in and we can start to discuss different options for setting and design.

Having a clear budget in mind helps considerably in the designing stage, as well as when we are deicing on materials and finishes. Please have a good idea in mind about what you want to spend so that we can make sure we do an amazing piece for you, as well as stay in your budget.

What are the Stages to a Custom Piece of Jewelry?

Here is a brief description of what happens:

1. First we begin with the designing of the piece. We will do hand drawn sketches to meet the requirements and desires of the client. We will discuss things like metal types, stone types, finishes, and styles.

2. Once we are both on the same page and your design is completed on paper, we will have it CAD drawn. The CAD drawing will show us exactly what it will look like in real life. This is a 3D image. The design will be rendered out in full color and shown to you. Once you approve the CAD drawing we move to the next stage.

3. After the CAD drawing is approved we will begin production. Depending on the piece production times can vary. There is a lot that goes into a custom piece and we will make sure you know where we are at every step of the way. Everything from casting, assembly, setting, and finishing will be done at this stage. This is where you will sit back and relax. Your hard work is now done and it is our turn. Soon you will have an amazing piece!

4. Lastly, we will be presenting your wonderful piece of art to you! We know you will love it and we hope the experience was amazing! Any last information about care and upkeep will be provided at this stage as well. Every custom piece of jewelry we do has the option to have a custom printed book to go along with. Contact us for more information about this. 

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